During the pre-opening period of a hotel or in case the hotel is already in operation but needs a support in some specific areas, Style Group provides the required assistance by offering any
kind of Technical Assistance required by the hotel owner or even
the company managing it.

We offer our technical assistance in 2 ways, pending on the owner

A) Signing a technical assistance contract where the
following services will be offered against an agreed upon

1) Evaluate the property or the area
2) Highlight weakness and defects
3) Suggest solutions and ideas
4) Help people concerned to set time schedule and costs
involved in this respect.
5) Feasibility studies
6) The Style Hotels International Management pays
Usual visits to the site to ensure int. standard

B) Consultation:

A study to evaluate the hotel is also made. The Style Group
obtains information and provide discipline at the property
level to allow the Co. to put its strategies on how to handle
the defects.

The above is offered against an agreed upon fee.

The following are the services offered by Style Group upon signing a management contract:

I) All operational systems and manuals
II) F. F. & E. Planning
III) Sales and Marketing

Here below is a brief on each of the services above:


Operational Systems and Manuals are the most important factor
that affects standards of services and considered to be the Know
How? for each area and department which solve almost all operational problems.

The manuals of the company are also designed to explain the Style philosophy, ambition and method of operation both from a corporate point of view and in respect of specific functional
areas such as food and beverage and in accommodation services, which are:

- Food & Beverage
- Rooms Division
- Sales & Marketing
- Personnel and Training
- Engineering
- Housekeeping
- Accounting

They also include the Job Description of the different positions
which are very important to be properly implemented to :

- Keeps standards.
- Sets responsibilities.
- Evaluates Staff.

B) F. F. & E. Budget

This abbreviation stands for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. This budget is always required for replacement and
renovation for the property up-grading to ensure keeping
the hotel in shape and up to the standards required.

Meaning that this budget should be professionally done
according to the depreciation of F. F. & E. and this will
avoid of reaching a stage where the owner or the management Co. find the hotel or property in a very bad condition or else will need major investment.


Style Group works with major corporations, travel agents,
Tour operators, individual, local and international embassies, etc.. and steps are usually taken to increase the
number of travel agents

and attracting more top key accounts by participating in
all the international fairs which helps in managing our
business, provide better value to the guest.

Style uses its technology to beverage good prices and we
usually build up the hotel rates, up-date it regularly and
regular searches are conducted in the market to offer the
best to our clientele.

The Company also offers special packages promoting
local attractions as a way to reach active senior travelers.

Our hospitality system has several brands to offer more
special incentives also for senior travelers.

Needless to mention, the necessity of establishing the Sales
and Marketing Plan, which mainly includes:

a) Brief idea on the market supply and demand
b) Classify the plan according to the Year Calendar
c) Self objectives
d) Business trips plan
e) Advertising plan
f) Monthly action plan
g) Budget


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