We are pleased to offer professional training in all aspects of Management and Supervisory disciplines, plus many other subjects as shown below. We will save
the on-going expense of permanent Training staff, so that you can use our services
on a "need only" basis and let us take the pain out of your training expenses.

We have professional staff available to assist in any project you may require, whether it is basic skills training, in-house courses or programs to meet your individual requirements, conducting surveys, feasibility studies, training needs analysis, manning guides, salary scales, job descriptions, job specifications, or performance appraisal systems, we can provide the necessary professional expertise.

Additionally, we can service major change projects, such as automation, operating equipment databank, pre-opening and acquisition technical assistance, and many other subjects. Just advise us what your needs are and we will provide the solution
to your problems.

We have capable experienced support staff to ensure that all projects undertaken are completed speedily, efficiently and will full confidentiality, and what is very relevant to all of our clients is the fact that all of our facilities and expertise is located in the Middle East and Egypt, thus reducing significantly the expenses and ensuring cost
effectiveness for our clients.

Our Advisory service has been created to meet the needs of Hotel Management
throughout the Middle East.

The basis of good Management is to provide a professional Quality Service to
their guests, at a competitive cost providing an economic return on investment.

We believe that we contribute to these aims by providing an initial advisory service leading to a proposal and/or report which you may, or may not, accept. Should you decide that our proposal/report meets with your requirements, we will work with
your Management to initiate and implement the assignment and provide training for our staff as required, We reiterate, our services are only a telephone call away, our professional advisers are at your disposal continually, and, what is more important
on hand every day to service your needs, both during their assignment and for
as long as required after completion.

Listed below are some of the training programs we can offer, either customized for your Company or Group or as individual programs or courses.

Management Development Supervisory Skills
Basis Service Skills
Interviewing Skills
Housekeeping Skills
Performance Appraisal systems
Guest Relations
Leadership & Team building
Guest Relations
Motivating Employees
Health & Safety Improving
Hygiene and Sanitation Handling
Problems & Conflict
Presentation Skills Job
Sales and Marketing Staffing and
Quality Service Train the

Additionally, we can provide Policies and Procedures manuals, Quality Service training and supporting Manuals, and a variety of other manuals and handbooks
to improve the efficiency and profitability of your operation


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