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Dedicating to quality characters and to provide complete satisfaction, Style Group has another mission to deliver top quality services to our clientele and those looking for a job.

Style Group established a personnel bank where many C.V.'s are kept, after choosing the suitable caliber which fit our criteria and interviews take place to find the areas that most interest them and are best suited for their abilities.

C.V.'s are then classified to different levels according to skills:

1) The first level contains top Management and Hotels Executive committee members.

2) The second level contains Hotels Dept. heads, sub Dept. heads and Supervisors.

3) The third level contains all Hotels Dept.'s staff.

When a requirement arises, Style Group makes certain that it will provide the right person in the right position.
Follow up on candidates selected is made by Style Group Consultants to ensure credentials and that they met the client needs.

Our site offers several ways to ease the way for those looking for a job or for companies willing to recruit calibers from any of the four mentioned levels.

1) Staff looking for a job: C.V.s for the Staff or calibers will be featured on the Co. web-site so that companies looking to hire employees can look into this section to choose their needs.

We assure confidentiality for our calibers as their names and Place of work will not appear on our site only a code will be Available for connection.
This is against an agreed upon fee pending on the candidate level, then only 25% of one month salary when hired.

2) Hotels looking for candidates: Instead of advertising in news papers and paying thousands of pounds without assurance. Hotels looking to recruit an employee can send us their requirements, if not available through the screened C.V.s on our web- site, we can talk to them one-to-one via the e-mail till they reach their needs.

This is against a fee of:

A) An annual fee payable when you sign the contract and receive your user name and pass word.
B) Only 25% of one month salary will be expected when you hire any of our candidates.

* If the selected candidate does not prove not to be up to the required standard, within 3 months, a replacement will take place immediately and without any extra charge.

Rigester Office: P.O.Box 456 Portman House
32 Hue Street, St. Helier
U. K. Tel.: +44 (1534) 630112
Fax: + 44 (1534) 630113

Cairo Branch: 6, El Nafoura Sq.
Moqattam - Cairo - Egypt
Tel.:+ (202) 2507 1991
Fax:+ (202) 25080501

Middle East & Africa Area: 15, St. # 9
Duplex # 14, Moqattam, Egypt
Tel.:+ (202) 2508 4214/15
Fax:+ (202) 25080501

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